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Equitable AI


Many public health issues often involve complex combinations of individual, environmental, socio-cultural and political influences that are difficult to measure and evaluate using traditional approaches. Artificial intelligence (AI) approaches like machine learning provide new opportunities for public health to both advance health equity through the analysis of complex, multi-layered, multi-modal data, as well as design impactful solutions that draw on a far wider range of insights.

In our Equitable AI Initiative, IPPH is striving to build the capacity necessary in the population and public health research community to take advantage of emerging AI approaches. In order to achieve this goal, our efforts are focused on supporting researchers through opportunities that facilitate interdisciplinary partnerships and developing training initiatives that will equip the next generation of researchers with the necessary tools.

As the CIHR institute that champions equity and focuses on population-level outcomes, we recognize the importance of ensuring equity is built into AI research from the start and have emphasized this need by naming our initiative “Equitable AI”. Only through prioritizing equity can we ensure health solutions benefit everyone.

Activities and Goals
CIHR Directive Objective Activities
Funding Catalyze new research areas at the intersection of AI and public health Seeding interdisciplinary collaborations among AI and public health researchers, especially on the ethical, legal and social challenges of AI
Training Build capacity to use AI approaches in public health research Launching a national summer school for graduate students and early career researchers to learn AI skills and apply them to public health challenges
Knowledge Translation Nurture dialogue about the use of AI in public health decision-making Starting discussions on the benefits, challenges and opportunities of applying evidence generated by AI to policies, practices and programs

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