IGH Strategic priorities

Starting in 2013, the Institute of Gender and Health (IGH) began executing Strategy 2017 - a new five-year strategic plan focused on shaping science for a healthier world. Our plan has been carefully constructed around three strategic directions, developed collaboratively with our Institute Advisory Board and stakeholder communities:
  1. Integration: transforming structures within our health research systems to foster the integration of sex and gender across the health research spectrum.
  2. Innovation: transforming processes within our research approaches to spark innovative methods and new discoveries in the field of gender, sex and health research.
  3. Impact: transforming outcomes of gender, sex and health research to ensure that research findings have a widespread and measureable impact on policies, products, services and systems that support better health for all Canadians.

Our plan includes 10 goals that directly align with our strategic directions of Integration, Innovation and Impact. Our goals drive all aspects of our work and are central to operational planning and performance measurement at IGH.

Learn more about IGH's Strategy 2017.

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