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CIHR Grants and Awards Guide

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The CIHR Grants and Awards Guide consists of policies and guidelines in the conduct of your research and is divided into two sections:

  • Section 1 - Application Administration
  • Section 2 - Grants and Awards Management

CIHR reserves the right to interpret these policies and any conditions attached to the funding.

Effective Date

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Changes posted in the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide are effective on the date of posting. These funding policies are in effect until a new version of the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide is posted. The new version of the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide always supersedes the previous version of the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide. Nominated Principal Applicants and institutions must always refer to the latest version of the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide.


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Unless specified otherwise in the description of the funding opportunity, these funding policies apply to:

  • CIHR funding opportunities, including partnered opportunities;
  • Applicant(s) to CIHR;
  • "CIHR Eligible Institutions";
  • Recipients of CIHR funding.

Policy Objective

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Funding policies:

  • are designed to achieve CIHR's high-level objectives;
  • describe specific and measurable results that help CIHR assess whether the policy objective has been achieved;
  • set out specific requirements or actions that applicants, recipients, institutions managing CIHR funds and CIHR staff must take to achieve the intended results, benefits and, ultimately, the policy objective;
  • describe the eligibility requirements for applicants and institutions;
  • provide guidance to institutions in the management of funds (i.e., eligibility of expenses under CIHR awards).

Communication of Changes

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Updates are written into the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide and posted in the "Summary of Changes". The research community is alerted of the changes through the CIHR "Funding News".


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In cases of allegations of non-compliance with the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide, the Responsible Conduct of Research applies.

Agency Requirements for the Funding of Research

Access to Information Act

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An individual seeking access to records under the "Access to Information Act" must write to the Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Coordinator at CIHR, providing a precise description of the records sought and enclosing an application fee ($5.00 at the time of writing). The submission of a request does not guarantee that access to the requested records will be obtained. The Act sets out specific exceptions that apply when disclosure of information could be expected to injure private or public interests. In responding to such requests, for example, CIHR would not disclose personal information about identifiable individuals or proprietary technical information submitted in confidence by researchers or companies without consulting with the third parties. Moreover, if a request requires a lengthy search or involves a large number of records, additional fees may be required to help cover the processing costs.

More information about the Act can be obtained by contacting CIHR's Access to Information and Privacy Acts Coordinator or from Info Source Publications, a registry of federal information holdings. It is important to remember that the "Access to Information Act" is intended to complement, not to replace, established channels of communication. CIHR has always promoted open, informal communication with the research community and with the public. Individuals are encouraged to continue to contact CIHR informally before using the Acts.

An individual seeking access to records under the "Privacy Act" must write to the Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Coordinator at CIHR, providing a precise description of the records sought. There are no fees associated with a request to see personal information.

Nominated Principal Applicants do not have to use the "Privacy Act" to obtain information on their CIHR application or to access personal information about them held in CIHR files. A Nominated Principal Applicant can write informally to CIHR. To file a formal request, or for more information on the Acts, contact:

ATIP Coordinator
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
160 Elgin Street, 9th Floor
Address Locator 4809A
Ottawa, ON K1A 0W9
Tel.: 613-948-2284
Fax: 613-954-1800

Environmental Assessment

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CIHR must review proposals for potential impacts on the environment in accordance with the "Canadian Environmental Assessment Act".

Official Languages

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CIHR must provide all its services in both official languages in accordance with policies related to official languages.

Privacy Act

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All information collected by CIHR is subject to the Privacy Act.

CIHR must make available to the Nominated Principal Applicant the written opinion of reviewers about their grant proposal(s) or scholarship in accordance with the "Privacy Act", but the name of the reviewer will not be made available. For the award programs, letters of reference and assessment reports will be made available to the Nominated Principal Applicant upon request.

Contact Numbers

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Aurora Research Institute (Northwest Territories) 867-777-3298
Canada Revenue Agency
(regarding child tax benefit)
(in Canada)

(if abroad - English)

(if abroad - French)

Canada Revenue Agency
(regarding taxation)
1-800-959-5525 (English)

1-800-959-7775 (French)

Canadian Council on Animal Care 613-238-4031
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 613-995-5894
CIHR Access to Info and Privacy 613-948-2284
CIHR Communications (Media Specialist) 613-941-4563
CIHR E-mail
CIHR Ethics Office 613-946-4773
CIHR Fax 613-954-1800
CIHR General Information 613-941-2672
CIHR Grants and Awards 613-954-1968
CIHR Knowledge Translation Portfolio 613-948-2318
CIHR Partnerships 613-957-6138
CIHR Policy on Access to Research Outputs 613-948-2725
CIHR Web Site
Government of Yukon 867-667-5386
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada 613-995-6295
Office of Laboratory Security, Public Health Agency of Canada 613-957-1779
ResearchNet - Technical Problems 613-941-9080
Revenu Québec, Service des renseignements spécialisés
(regarding taxation)
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council 613-992-0691
The Nunavut Research Institute 867-979-7279
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