CIHR Policy on the Institutional Electronic Approval of Applications

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1.0 Policy

CIHR requires all Eligible CIHR Institutions to electronically approve all applications submitted by Nominated Principal Applicants at their institution. This policy applies to programs where the functionality exists on ResearchNet.

2.0 Responsibilities

2.1 Responsibilities of Eligible CIHR Institutions

Institutions administering CIHR grants and awards must adhere to the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide support and information to Applicants at their institution on questions regarding the electronic approval process and on the Institution's "internal deadline".
  2. Electronically approve applications as per CIHR's definition of "Meaning of Signatures on Application Forms".
  3. Abide by "CIHR’s Policy on Required Signatures on Applications Submitted Electronically Through ResearchNet". If the authorized official at their institution is not able to abide to all obligations outlined in the "Meaning of Signatures in the Grants and Awards Guide", obtain all other required signatures.
  4. Electronically submit applications to CIHR via ResearchNet within 2 business days after CIHR's application deadline (i.e., the deadline date for institutions to electronically submit applications to CIHR via ResearchNet. Deadline dates are indicated in the funding opportunity descriptions.).
  5. Maintain an up-to-date list of authorized officials at the institution.
  6. Ensure all authorized officials who have access to the Electronic Approval Tool have the right to access the information provided on applications.
  7. Notify CIHR of any changes and new appointments of primary authorized officials.

2.2 Responsibilities of CIHR

  1. Disseminate/provide information (i.e., training and communication material) about the electronic approval tool.
  2. Provide the electronic tools via ResearchNet to support the agreed upon the electronic approval process.
  3. Set up privileged access for institution representatives upon request.
  4. Provide technical support to Nominated Principal Applicants and Institutions during ResearchNet's normal hours of support.
  5. Keep and monitor an "audit log" process to track and authenticate electronic approval transactions.
  6. Make available an audit log, when deemed necessary, as documentary evidence for any future legal purpose.
  7. Maintain an up-to-date list of primary authorized officials at the institution (maximum of two per institution).
  8. Keep on file, as per CIHR's retention schedule, all applications including original ("wet") signatures collected for applications approved electronically.

2.3 Responsibilities of Applicants

The following responsibility is specific to the electronic approval process and is an additional responsibility to CIHR's definition of "Meaning of Signatures on Application Forms".

  1. Electronically submit applications via ResearchNet to the institution that will administer the funds by that Institution's internal deadline.

3.0 Resolution of Issues of Non-Compliance

In the event circumstances arise in which an Institution appears to be or are found to be in non-compliance with the CIHR policy, CIHR will follow the following procedures:

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