Acknowledging CIHR support and promoting your research

The more people hear about your research, the more they become interested, and an engaged public is a supportive public!

We know that Canadians are very interested in health and health care, but the research that happens behind the scenes isn’t always top of mind. The more we share your stories and attract attention to research advances and what CIHR does, the more we build public support for the entire health research enterprise – support that can translate to sustained and increased funding for health research.

Let your audience know that you are funded by CIHR

As a recipient of CIHR funding, you must acknowledge the support you receive from CIHR and the role it has played in your research.

Acknowledging CIHR funding is important because it helps Canadians understand how their tax dollars are contributing to a healthier future.

Tips for speaking about your research to Canadians

  • Use plain language. Avoid using jargon that reporters, policymakers, or Canadians learning about your research may not understand.
  • People are busy. Keep a few concise key messages about your research in mind and stick to them.
  • Focus on impact. Let audiences know how your research will make a difference in the lives of Canadians.
  • Correct misunderstandings. You’re the expert on your research subject. If audiences misunderstand your message, take a moment to set the record straight.

Ways to acknowledge our funding

CIHR Communications – At your service

We can help you.

CIHR Communications has extensive experience in the areas of media relations, social media, government relations, strategic communications, writing, editing, event planning and coordination.

If you are a researcher, let us know when you are about to hit a milestone in your research. Work with CIHR and your institution to promote your work.

If you are a research institution, share health research success stories with CIHR, send a copy of publications, media coverage, advertising and other promotional material, invite us to provide a federal representative at events, conferences or other public activities promoting health research and give credit to CIHR for funding or co-funding a research project.

We can:

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