Human Immunology Initiative Funding Results

CIHR-III, in partnership with IGH, IMHA, INMD, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, JDRF Canada, Lupus Canada and Mitacs, congratulate the successful applicants of the following competitions.

Team Grant: Human Immunology Initiative: Standardization Core

Name Institution Project Title
Levings, Megan K University of British Columbia Canadian Autoimmunity Standardization Core (CAN-ASC)

For more information about the successful team, please visit the Human Immunology Initiative: Standardization Core Funding Decisions page or the official website of the Canadian Autoimmunity Standardization Core (CAN-ASC).

Team Grant: Human Immunology Initiative: Research Teams – LOI

Name Institution Project Title
Baron, Murray; Hudson, Marie; Larche, Mark; Wither, Joan E CIUSSS de l'Ouest-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal-Jewish GeneralEarly Immune System Events Leading to Systemic Sclerosis
Beck, Paul L; Dufour, Antoine; Hirota, Simon A; Jijon, Humberto B; Lu, Cathy; Seow, Cynthia H Universityof Calgary Reducing Morbidity and Mortality in Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Targeting Intestinal Fibrosis
El-Gabalawy, Hani S; Mookherjee, Neeloffer; Peschken, Christine A; Wilkins, John A University of Manitoba Prediction and Prevention of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Indigenous North American Populations
Haroon, Nigil; Wither, Joan E; Allard-Chamard, Hugues; Chandran, Vinod; Crome, Sarah A; Gladman, Dafna D; Inman, Robert D; Jurisica, Igor; Rahman, Proton University Health Network (Toronto) Human Immunology Spondyloarthritis Team (HUMISPOT) studying immunopathogenesis, disease heterogeneity and drug discovery in spondyloarthritis
Issekutz, Thomas B; Huber, Adam M; Barsalou, Julie; Boudreau, Jeanette E; Derfalvi, Beata; Haddad, Elie; Hanly, John G; Johnston, Brent; Kelvin, David J; Marshall, Jean S; Ritz, Stacey A; Touzot, Fabien; Turvey, Stuart E; Wang, Jun Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) Defining critical pathways of innate immunity for precision therapy of autoimmune diseases
Levings, Megan K; Crome, Sarah A; Panagiotopoulos, Constadina; Ritz, Stacey A; Verchere, Bruce C University of British Columbia Innate and adaptive immune regulation in human type 1 diabetes
Macparland, Sonya; Bartczak, Agata; Feld, Jordan J; Mcgilvray, Ian D University Health Network (Toronto) Defining and Targeting Autoimmune Liver Disease
Muise, Aleixo M; Brumell, John H; Gruenheid, Samantha L; Mortha, Arthur; Vallance, Bruce A Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Defining the immuno-dysregulation underlying Pediatric IBD to better diagnose and treat patients.

For more information about the successful teams, please visit the Human Immunology Initiative: Research Teams – LOI Funding Decision page.

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