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Message from Philip Sherman, INMD Scientific Director

The report of the INMD Evaluation Panel was reviewed and accepted by the Governing Council (GC) of CIHR at its June 2017 meeting. The evaluation of the Institute is now available online. Panel members recommended that:

  • INMD not be amended, merged or terminated. The Panel strongly recommended that INMD continue as a separate institute within CIHR. 
  • The Institute continue with its current mandate. In light of the breadth of the INMD mandate, the Panel recommends that more of the CIHR priority-driven research resources be assigned to INMD.
  • A number of specific factors be considered in the recruitment of the next Scientific Director.

Many thanks to Panel members: Drs. Edith Feskens (Wageningen Univ., Netherlands), Helen Raybould (UC-Davis, USA), Minna Woo (Univ. Toronto), and Vincent Poitout (Univ. Montreal) and Panel Chair, Garrett Fitzgerald (Univ. Pennsylvania, USA). Their work in reviewing a large number of INMD reports and submitted materials, and the critical lens that they cast on the activities and outputs of targeted research funding and related activities are greatly appreciated. Thanks also to staff at CIHR who led the Institute evaluation process.

The findings and recommendations included in this report will prove helpful, I believe, for the next Scientific Director of INMD as she/he assumes the position on January 1, 2018.

Best wishes for the remainder of the summer season,

Philip M. Sherman, MD, FRCPC
Scientific Director, INMD

A Food Policy for Canada

On May 29, 2017, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister, Lawrence MacAulay announced that the Government of Canada had launched consultations to support the development of A Food Policy for Canada. An online survey went live and by mid-July over 22,000 Canadians had completed the survey. As a result of this robust Canadian response, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have extended the online consultation deadline to August 31, 2017 further allowing Canadians the opportunity to continue to share their input on the development of the food policy. Following a successful Food Policy for Canada Summit in Ottawa on June 22-23, 2017, several consultation activities were announced. Engagement sessions with stakeholders, Indigenous groups, experts, and key policy makers will take place across Canada during August and September. In addition, toolkits have been developed for community leaders and organizations in an effort to help promote regional discussion and gather feedback from across the country. This feedback will be used to help inform the development of the Food Policy for Canada. The deadline for submitting feedback is September 30, 2017. Please join Canadians in the conversation on food policy using the hashtag, #FoodPolicy4Canada.

Researcher Profile

From left to right (front row): Stephanie de Lorenzo, Olivia Cheng, Melanie Emmerson, Padmaja Subbarao, and Yaminee Charavanapavan. From left to right (second row): Claire Lepine, Aimee Dubeau, Krzysztof Kowalik, and Christopher Olesovsky.

Padmaja Subbarao, MD, FRCPC
University of Toronto

Padmaja Subbarao is a Pediatric Pulmonologist and Scientist in the Translational Medicine Program in the Research Institute at the Hospital for Sick Children, and Associate Professor of Paediatrics and Physiology at the Univ. Toronto. Dr. Subbarao is the recipient of a Programmatic Grant in Environments, Genes and Chronic Disease entitled, Gene and environment effects on lung health and risk for chronic respiratory disease, asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases). Chronic lung conditions are common worldwide; for instance, nearly one in three Canadians will be diagnosed with asthma during their lifetime. These diseases likely trace their origins to factors encountered during the first thousand days of life, which is the focus of the CIHR-funded programmatic grant led by Drs. Subbarao (Univ. Toronto), Brook (Univ. Michigan), de Souza (Harvard Univ.), Duan (McGill Univ.), Kozyrskyj (Univ. Manitoba), Lou (Univ. Toronto), and Surette (McMaster Univ.). The research draws on data arising from the CHILD Study, a national Canadian birth cohort for which Dr. Subbarao has been recently appointed as Director. The CHILD Study is following 3,500 children from pre-birth through childhood, capturing information about their environments including air quality, lifestyles, diet, and health parameters, including lung function. The findings of this study could identify new strategies to address both disease prevention and the improvement of lung health.

CIHR Funding Results
Clinical Nutrition Fellowship Priority Announcements and Post-Doctoral Partnership Prize

INMD, in partnership with the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) congratulates the successful applicants in the Clinical Nutrition Fellowship  Priority Announcements and the Post-Doctoral Partnership Prize.

Nominated Principal Investigator Supervisor Institution Project Title
Clinical Nution Fellowship Priority Announcements
Maria Pinto-Sanchez David Armstrong, Premysl Bercik McMaster University Efficacy of exclusive enteral nutrition to induce clinical remission in patients with Crohn’s disease: A multidimensional assessment to investigate potential mechanisms
Post-Doctoral Partnership Prize
Shirin Panahi Vicky Drapeau, Angelo Tremblay Laval University Yogurt consumption in children: characterization and health-related impact

CIHR Funding Opportunities

Early Career Investigator Awards in Circulatory and Respiratory Research: Lipoprotein Metabolism

INMD, in partnership with the CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH), Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health (IAPH), Hypertension Canada (HTC), and AstraZeneca Canada (AZ Canada) is pleased to announce the Early Career Investigator Awards in Circulatory and Respiratory Research: Lipoprotein Metabolism.

Application deadline: September 6, 2017.

Visit ResearchNet for more information or email the CIHR Contact Centre.

SPOR Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations Network: Programmatic Grants

INMD, in collaboration with the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research, the Institutes of Health Services and Policy Research, Population and Public Health, Human Development, Child and Youth Health, and Aging, is pleased to announce the SPOR Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations Network: Programmatic Grants.

Letter of intent deadline: September 26, 2017.

Visit ResearchNet for more information or email the CIHR Contact Centre.

Sex- and Gender-based Health Policy-Research Partnerships

The Institute of Gender and Health and the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health in partnership with Health Canada are pleased to announce the Sex- and Gender-based Health Policy-Research Partnerships funding opportunity.

Application deadline: September 6, 2017.

Visit ResearchNet for more information or email the CIHR Contact Centre.

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