Update on the Project Grant peer review process


Update on peer review process

The initial matching of reviewers to the approximately 2,900 applications submitted to the Project Grant: Fall 2016 competition has taken place. Competition Chairs are now being asked to review and approve all of the assignments, as per the recommendations of the Peer-Review Working Group. We are still on track for reviewers to receive their assignments in January (between 8-12 applications each) to conduct their full Stage 1 reviews. More details on the review process

Applicants notified after Stage 1

It was recently determined that applicants will be informed in early March whether or not their application moves to Stage 2. It is important to note that applicants will only receive a very short notification via e-mail to let them know the status of their application, but no additional information will be provided at that time. The reviewer comments, score and ranking information will be provided to all applicants with the Notice of Decision package on May 15, 2017. The review timeline for the competition has been updated with this new information.

Iterative peer review process for Indigenous health research

All Indigenous health research applications deemed relevant for the iterative review process will undergo a different review process. For example, while each application will be reviewed at Stage 1 by multiple reviewers, all applications involved in this process will go to Final Assessment Stage (face to face) review. More details

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