Funding opportunities posted between December 9 and December 22, 2016 by CIHR and its partners

(2016-12-22) The following is a list of funding opportunities which CIHR and its partners posted between December 9 and December 22, 2016.

To view these opportunities, please use the CIHR Funding Opportunity Database.

Simply select the opportunity from the list which is sorted alphabetically.

  • Catalyst Grant: Ethics (2016-2017)
  • Catalyst Grant: Personalized Health Catalyst Grants
  • Fellowship: KRESCENT / CIHR Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2017)
  • New Investigator Salary Award: KRESCENT / CIHR New Investigator Award (2017)
  • Operating Grant: Modelling knowledge on population health - OLMCs
  • Operating Grant: SPOR – Guidelines and Systematic Reviews
  • Other: Travel Awards - Institute Community Support (Winter 2016-17)
  • Team Grant: GACD Mental Health – Canada-China
  • Training Grant: Indigenous Mentorship Network Program

Please refer to the Contact Information section of the funding opportunity if you have additional questions about the funding opportunity. 

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