CIHR announces the members of its new Institutes Advisory Boards

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) are pleased to announce the names of the members of their new Institutes Advisory Boards (IABs).

The five new IABs will provide independent, expert and relevant advice to CIHR's Institutes. IAB members represent the highest standard of excellence across CIHR's four research areas (biomedical; clinical; health systems and services; and the social, cultural and environmental factors that affect the health of populations).

"I would like to offer our new Institutes Advisory Board members a warm welcome, as well as my sincere thanks. We are honoured that you have agreed to volunteer your valuable time and energy to help CIHR succeed in investing in health research that changes lives," said Dr. Alain Beaudet, President of CIHR.

The new IABs continue to embrace diversity, representing scientific excellence from coast to coast, with expertise across all pillars of health research, and a strong balance between Canada's two official languages. Fifty-four per cent of IAB members are women, and at least one seat on every IAB has been reserved for a representative of the Indigenous community.

"At this important juncture in Canada with the imperative to undertake reconciliation in all structures that impact Indigenous people, I am incredibly pleased that CIHR is moving towards greater inclusion of Indigenous people within its structures," said Jeffrey Cyr, Chair of the IAB on Indigenous Peoples' Health.  "It is my hope and intent to see this forward momentum realized in the research supported by CIHR."

Approximately one-third of members are returning from past IABs – a testament to these individuals' commitment to CIHR and excellence in funding health research. We thank these members for offering to stay on to help in the transition to the new IAB model and continuing to lend their valuable advice.

"The members of the Institutes Advisory Boards are integral to the work we do as Scientific Directors," said Dr. Philip Sherman, Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes. "Canadians benefit enormously from CIHR having access to sound advice from the best minds in the health research community."

CIHR would like to thank all 453 individuals who took the time to put their names forward to sit on its IABs. We appreciate your desire to contribute to CIHR's work and hope that you will re-apply in the coming years.

IAB members will serve for staggered two-, three- or four-year terms and are eligible to be renewed for a second term of up to three years.

IAB on Research Excellence, Policy and Ethics

IAB on Health Innovation

IAB on Indigenous Peoples' Health

IAB on Health Promotion and Prevention

IAB on Chronic Conditions

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