Project Grant: Overview

Important Dates – Next competition

Please note that changes are currently being made to the competition process.

The funding opportunity for the next competition, which will have a registration deadline of August 15 and an application deadline of September 15, will be available when details are finalized.

The Project Grant program is designed to capture ideas with the greatest potential to advance health-related fundamental or applied knowledge, health research, health care, health systems, and/or health outcomes. It supports projects with a specific purpose and a defined endpoint. The best ideas may stem from new, incremental, innovative, and/or high-risk lines of inquiry or knowledge translation approaches.

The Project Grant program will:

  • support a diverse portfolio of health-related research and knowledge translation projects at any stage, from discovery to application, including commercialization;
  • promote relevant collaborations across disciplines, professions, and sectors; and,
  • contribute to the creation and use of health-related knowledge.

Within the overall competition budget, there will be a specific funding envelope to support new/early career investigators. Competition processes and peer review for this cohort will be fully integrated within the competition as a whole with no additional steps being required on the part of the applicant.

Grant values are proportionate to the requirements of the research proposed and vary depending on the research field, research approach, and scope of project activities.

Project Grant applications follow a two-stage review process:

  • Stage 1 consists of a remote review by experts who will review their assigned applications by focusing on the concept (i.e., significance and impact of the research) and the feasibility (i.e., approaches and methods, and expertise, experience and resources) of the project.
  • Stage 2, the final assessment stage, involves face-to-face discussions by panels of reviewers.

As detailed in the Project Grant Peer Review Manual, applications with a focus on Indigenous health research will undergo a relevance review to determine which applications are eligible for an iterative peer review process.

There are two Project Grant competitions a year.

A Notice of Decision (NOD) will be provided to all applicants after Stage 2.

Details on how to apply are available in the funding opportunity.

Additional grant information can also be accessed through the following resources:

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