2014-2015 Peer Review Committee – Operating Grant: HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research (2014) (CBF–201501)


Patten, San
San Patten and Associates (Halifax)

Scientific Officer:

Gibson, Nancy
Edmonton, Alberta


Chatwood, Susan
Institute for Circumpolar Health Research (Yellowknife)

George, Clemon
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Oshawa)

Hill, Charlie
Hagersville, Ontario

Husbands, Winston
AIDS Committee of Toronto

Margolese, Shari

Martin, Debbie
Dalhousie University

McKay-McNabb, Kim

Parent, Michèle
Aboriginal Health Scholar and Consulting (Noelville)

Migliardi, Paula
Sexuality Education Resource Centre (Winnipeg)

Sinclair, Raven
University of Regina

St. Denys, Raye
Shining Mountains Living Community Services (Red Deer)

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