Video transcript – Physiotherapy Research

IMHA Featured research: A success story in physiotherapy research – The evolution of FIRE-WELL ]

“Hi, my name is Kathryn Sinden and I’m a PhD Candidate in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences at McMaster University. And I’m really excited to talk to you about a research partnership that I’m really fortunate to be a part of with the City of Hamilton Firefighters. We’re also very fortunate that the program of research with the City of Hamilton Firefighters is funded through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research through a Partnerships and Health Systems Improvement grant. Now, the overarching goal of our program of research is to establish an evidence-based injury management program for the firefighters. So what this means is that we’re working with the firefighters to establish tools and strategies that they can implement that will help mitigate the risks that they’re exposed to while performing firefighting tasks. The research that you’re going to be reading about in the IMHA newsletter was foundational to building the research partnership so that we’re able to do the research that we’re doing today. So for example, the physical demands analysis and qualitative study that we conducted with the female firefighters were both really important issues to the firefighters, but also established some really critical research objectives that we were able to work on and that we’re currently working on today. So in summary, our research partnership with the City of Hamilton Firefighters is positioned to help us improve firefighter work health and hopefully also improve their overall health. Thank you very much for listening and I hope you enjoyed reading the article.”

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